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With our proven history, we can bring you peace of mind.

From general office buildings to government buildings, educational facilities, hospitals and more, Kyodo KY-Tec access flooring is used in various places and for a variety of purposes. The continued purchase of our flooring systems by our many customers over the years shows their trust in our company and our products.

Countries where the Network Floor has been sold image map

1.International Projects

Six Battery Road 1993
Six Battery Road(Singapore)
Size: 5,700 sqm
63 Building 2009
63 Building(South Korea)
Size: 43,000 sqm
NC SOFT 2012
NC SOFT(South Korea)
Size: 23,000 sqm

2.Domestic Projects

Total Sales in General Office Buildings and Other Buildings: 10,700,000m2

 St Luke's Garden Tower 2001
St Luke's Garden Tower: 56,800m2
Shinjuku i-Land Tower 1999
Shinjuku i-Land Tower: 13,600m2

Total Sales in Government Buildings: 1,580,000m2

Tokyo Court Complex Building 1991
Tokyo Court Complex Building: 23,000m2
Kumamoto Regional Government Building 2010
Kumamoto Regional Government Building: 19,600m2

Total Sales in Educational Facilities: 630,000m2

Hibiya Library Building 2011
Hibiya Library Building: 5,000m2
Sapporo City Nishi Public Elementary School 2009
Sapporo City Nishi Public Elementary School
(Total Sales in Japanese Grade Schools and Universities - 570,000m2)

Total Sales in Product Distribution Facilities: 60,000m2

Shinsuna 2-Chome Distribution Center 2008
Shinsuna 2-Chome Distribution Center

The reasons they chose the laid-panel Network Floor as their access flooring are...

3 Reasons to Choose the Network Floor

  1. The Network Floor completely covers the floor surface, so it is not necessary to provide a dust-proof floor coating. That helps to reduce flooring costs.
  2. In the future, if the office space is converted to storage, the Network Floor can be easily removed.
  3. And, after removing the Network Floor, there will be no need to repair or refinish the floor. (Installation is performed by laying panels, so panels can be removed without damaging the floor.)

Network Floor Sample Installation

  • Building - An unnamed building in Tokyo
  • Access Flooring Area - 30,000m2
  • Access Flooring Used - Network Floor 40
  • Tile Carpet Used - Tile Carpet with Rear Adhesive

Installation of 30,000m2 of access flooring was completed in about 89 days. Only the Network Floor could allow installation to be completed with such speed. (Three times the speed of pedestal type access flooring)

1. Before Network Floor Installation

Before Network Floor Installation

2. During Network Floor Installation

During Network Floor Installation

3. After Network Floor Installation

After Network Floor Installation

4. After Tile Carpet Installation

After Tile Carpet Installation

Network Floor Inquiries

For inquiries, please contact us by using the inquiry form.

Network Floor Inquiries

For inquiries, please contact us by using the inquiry form.

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