Network floor

Japanese Quality

Made in Japan

Base Mats are currently being manufactured in a factory in Shin-Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan.
Having passed Japan's strictest tests, the safe and reliable Network Floor is currently being sold around the world.

Testing and Evaluation Methods

Public Buildings Association (PBA)

Public Buildings Association (

Public Buildings Association (PBA) Approved Quality Performance Products are unique products in Japan that have been proven to meet public building standard specifications. In the case of access flooring, approved products have objectively-proven access flooring capabilities.

Load Endurance   PBA-Approved for 5000N and 3000N   [Withstands up to 500kg/sqm]

We assessed the strength of the cable path covers and the Network Floor’s concrete mats by applying concentrated load (φ50mm of pressure) onto their weakest portions.
We found that our concrete mats and cable path covers are able to endure up to 5000N (≈ 510kgf). That means that the Network Floor can support everything found in an office, from general filing cabinets to movable archives and large-scale computer systems, making it capable of supporting all of your office needs.
And, because it can withstand a single furniture leg applying 5000N of force, it can also adequately support up to 500kg/sqm.

Rolling Load Endurance   PBA-Approved (1000N / Wheel)

JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) estimated that it might not be unusual for people to run carts over access flooring while bearing heavy loads of up to 300kg. So, to test the rolling load endurance of the Network Floor, we set it up with carpet tiles on top, then ran one wheel 10,000 times over the weakest portions of the cable path covers and concrete mats, applying a force of 1000N (≈ 102kgf) each time.
After the test, we found that there was no damage or rattling, and residual deformation was well within standard limits, showing that the Network Floor is durable enough to adequately withstand a cart passing over it bearing a 300kg load.

Fire Resistance   PBA-Approved (Afterflame Time: 0 sec) ・BS-Approved

In addition to having a PBA-approved superior-grade afterflame time of 0 seconds, the Network Floor has also been certified through the semi-fireproof material test, making it safe from fires. When installed, the Network Floor has the same fireproof capabilities as vinyl tiling, making it safe for use even in skyscrapers.
Network Floor has high flame resistant performance because it is consist of steel, concrete and thin self-extinguishing plastic sheet. It's flame resistance is equal or higher than conventional concrete floor with plastic finishing.
Also Network Floor is rated as ""Non-Combustible"" according to British Standard BS476 Part4 (Non-combustibility test for materials.) So Network Floor can be used for every floor in a building.

① PBA-Approved

Part Afterflame Time
Concrete Mat 0 sec
Cable Path Cover 0 sec

Test Methods: JIS A 1450:2009

Impact Endurance   PBA-Approved

JIS estimated that the toughest situation that access flooring would face at the office would be if 20kg of copy paper fell 700mm and landed on it. With that in mind, we prepared the Network Floor for testing by setting it up and laying down carpet tiles to simulate actual-use conditions. Then, we tested the Network Floor by striking the weakest portions of its cable path covers and concrete mats.
For the test, we took a 30kg sandbag and dropped it in freefall from 250mm. Afterwards, we measured the damage and residual deformation.
The test results showed no damage, and residual deformation was well within standard limits, demonstrating that the Network Floor can sufficiently withstand impact.

Vibration and Impact Strength

With a mobile library placed on Network Floor, it was measured for resilience against the vibrations and shocks generated by the movement and stopping of the library.
The mobile library was moved back and forth on rails simply laid on the surface of the Floor with a maximum allowable live load of 2 tons, at a speed of 10 seconds per cycle of forward and backward movement.
In such a case the Network Floor can withstand 250,000 passages of forward and backward movement of the library.
This figure proves that the Network Floor possesses sufficient strength for a service life of 50 years, assuming that one year is 250 days and 20 daily passages of forward and backward movement of the library.

Earthquake Resistance   PBA-Approved (Up to 350kg accelerating at 1000cm/sec sq.)

For the test, we placed carpet tiles on an installed Network Floor.
Then, to simulate the weight of large filing cabinets and other heavy objects, we placed a specified load of 350kg onto the Network Floor and began vibrating it at the specified acceleration of 1000cm/sec sq. (≈ 1G). For input waves, we utilized sine waves.
The test results showed no irregularities in the Network Floor itself, in turn demonstrating its extremely high earthquake resistance.